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Day #7

General / 09 December 2019

Day #7

Didn't have time for a study yesterday but here's today's :) I tried to change the lighting a bit and adding snow. I'm still not entirely satisfied with this study, I want to be more loose and textured, I'll have a look at Lixin Yin and Craig Mullins' works for that feel :)
Also 2h for a study like this is a bit much, I need to simplify even more. Also I never do environments but it is fun. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Original ref:…/0d/4eed0db62c38b064442767bae64845f5.…

The crew is killing it, be sure to check their sketches as well!
John J. Park Timothy Rodriguez Florent Lebrun Paul Chadeisson Pierre Lazarevic Eytan Zana