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General / 20 December 2020

I am very busy with professional work so for the first time since months, I have sketched for myself this weekend. Adelia, my character from Symbaroum tabletop RPG. Which one do you prefer so far? I hope to be able to do more research soon. I hope you like them.

photo studies

General / 22 November 2020
Quick photo studies, inspired by Mark Lawrence 's Book of the Ancestor trilogy which I absolutely loved. 

I picked the photos because they reminded me of how I imagined the characters, respectively Nona, Clera and Arabella. I hope you like them!

Refs here: 

Portrait Illustration Training + Fan Art of Assajj Ventress (STAR WARS)

General / 17 February 2020
Hey everyone! 

Thinking about opening up Portrait Commissions again very soon. So I'm training, and trying to be more effective, I'm planing to do my recent D&D party and I'm starting with Purre, the Tabaxi Rogue/Assassin of the group. Portrait done in photoshop in 2h.  

Process GIF for Purre: 

Bonus fanart of a sexy Assaj Ventress from Star Wars done yesterday because I was thinking about the Star Wars Clone Wars final season happening soon :) ! 

I hope you like them both :) !

Figure Studies

General / 11 January 2020


I hope you had great end of the year celebrations and I wish you a happy new year.

In the last two years, I neglected my practice of anatomy, and studies in general, I'm always in awe when an artist masters the human body to create great character designs like , ,  ,  or 
In order to reach their level one day, I need to get back to the fundamentals so let's start ;)

I did a few with a mix of lineart and 2 values and the others directly by painting them. Here are few of my dailies (random poses from quickposes and pinterest, the first picture is based on photographies by Amel Kovich):

I'll also need to practice males and different body types. See you later with an another batch.

Day #11

General / 15 December 2019
A very quick study from this weekend, Tried to play with colors, textures and staying loose since it is just a study.

Original photography:
See you later :) 

Day #8#9#10

General / 13 December 2019
Hey! As I said yesterday, I am still doing the daily studies between commission works and trying to keep up with the crew John J. Park Pierre Lazarevic Florent Lebrun Timothy Rodriguez and Paul Chadeisson.First, a sneak peek of the current illustration inspired by the red dress study (third picture), because it isn't finished yet.

Second, a quick study from this morning, Arwen from the Lord of the Rings movies.

And finally, the quick study from wednesday that started the illustration (first picture). The original picture; 

I hope you enjoy :) !

Day #8

General / 10 December 2019
Day #8

A quick one I started at midnight before going to bed because I liked the original picture and I didn't do one sunday, I tried with an another mood as well just like last one. Trying to be more textured and loose, I hope you like it! 

As always, check out Paul Chadeisson Timothy Rodriguez Florent Lebrun Pierre Lazarevic John J. Park sketches :) !

Day #7

General / 09 December 2019

Day #7

Didn't have time for a study yesterday but here's today's :) I tried to change the lighting a bit and adding snow. I'm still not entirely satisfied with this study, I want to be more loose and textured, I'll have a look at Lixin Yin and Craig Mullins' works for that feel :)
Also 2h for a study like this is a bit much, I need to simplify even more. Also I never do environments but it is fun. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Original ref:…/0d/4eed0db62c38b064442767bae64845f5.…

The crew is killing it, be sure to check their sketches as well!
John J. Park Timothy Rodriguez Florent Lebrun Paul Chadeisson Pierre Lazarevic Eytan Zana

Day #6

General / 08 December 2019

Day #6

Yesterday's study, a screencap from the movie "Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald". I really liked the mood and colors in the original. I focused on textures, colors and values, the face is a bit off but it's just a study so that's ok I guess :) .

Original screencap:…/…/2018/09/nagini_-1-1600x800.jpg

I'll post today study this evening if I have the time ;)

Trying to keep up with the amazing crew: John J. Park , Paul Chadeisson, Timothy Rodriguez, Florent Lebrun and Pierre Lazarevic

See you later ;) !

Day #5

General / 06 December 2019
Day #5 

A boat this time and water is tough but fun to do, I hope you enjoy.