Work in Progress

Work In Progress / 18 March 2020

I don't post much art these days so I wanted to share a mix of some of the personal and professional works I'm working on. I'll finish all of them in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for the final versions and more unreleased works.  

New Personal Work, Adélia

Work In Progress / 24 October 2019

Hello everyone

I started a new personal work, it's a work in progress but I wanted to share it with you. My latest character from our Symbaroum tabletop RPG sessions, Adélia. She is a changeling gentlewoman thief and a virtuoso swordswoman. She was born in Ambria and after a difficult childhood in the streets, she was found and raised by a traveling circus troop. Then she decided to leave them and explore the world on her own.

I really enjoy her and I hope you will too.

I was listening to the Grimm OST from the game Hollow Knight while painting her, and that could totally be her theme song if she had one even if she seems shy and calm in this one ;) :

Stay tuned for future udpates and thank you very much to all the old and new followers as well as the Artstation staff for the pick and for the amazing support on my Catarina Portrait, it means a lot and I hope you will like my future works as well.  

Personal Sketches and Possible Patreon/Tipeee

Work In Progress / 10 March 2019


A preview of Skaäl, my changeling sorceress from Symbaroum, she is a cursed artefact huntress (she will have green reptile scales on her skin) and she is a master duelist as well. That's the kind of personal sketches I often do in my freetime about our sessions and personal projects. I would like to do more of them in the future when I can.

It is one of the reasons I am thinking about opening a Patreon or a Tipee.
There I would share exclusive personal sketches and studies I don't usually show, WIPs and more in the future such as livestreams, personalised critics etc... if there's some audience.

Would you be interested in supporting me to discover more of my personal work? And what you like to see from me if that happens?

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"Le Temple de l'Aveugle" 1st Preview

Work In Progress / 01 November 2018

Hey there! Here's my first blog post, I totally forgot I had this feature so here we go.

It is a crop of a big Symbaroum (Check it out if you don't know that pen and paper RPG, it is great) personal illustration in the work inspired by ' scenario we played a while ago... It isn't even a third of the complete picture so stay tuned for more.

My portfolio was lacking big complete illustrations so I have been busy on this one between client works.

And before you ask why the woman, Kelva, has no clothes on her top, she was a changeling shapeshifter witch who could turn into beasts and she'll have animals skulls on her belt, furs and of course arms. Same for the guy, Derkan, he'll have legs, he's not a ghost, this is still an early WIP but I hope you like it and that you are intrigued.

What do you think they are facing ?

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