Wildspace Season 2 Characters

The new characters of the season 2 of "Wildspace" with new art from me. It is a bunch of friends playing a sci-fi version of D&D on stream. Quotes of the characters are from their respective players.


Kyllian guillart wildspace ghost final kyllian guillart internet

Class: The Thief

“Everyone’s got secrets... I’m sure I’ll figure out what yours are very soon. [ ●‿● ]”

Kyllian guillart wildspace bron final kyllian guillart internet

Bronwen “Bron” Malcolm
Class: Ranger

“Well chief, if you didn’t want to get shot, you shouldn’t have run.”

Kyllian guillart wildspace admestus final kyllian guillart internet

Class: Paladin

"Only one thing matters in this 'verse: strength. Do you think you have the strength to escape me? Hmph, I wish to see you try, it has been a slow week."

Kyllian guillart wildspace fg10127 final kyllian guillart internet

F-G1012Y, "Futura Glory"
Class: Engine of Destruction

"Remember that I am fluent in over 6 million forms of pain."

Kyllian guillart wildspace jack final kyllian guillart internet

Dr. Jacqueline "Jack" Heid
Class: The Chirurgeon

"Oh, buck up, you're going to be fine. I didn't get my medical license revoked for nothing."

Kyllian guillart wildspace rhissa final kyllian guillart internet

Rhissa Oku
Class: The Immolator

"Fight fire with fire? Of course! Is there any other way?"