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Exploration sketches for my character of the RPG Polaris, Cyclope. I'll do more of them.

He is a weapons dealer, a henchman who fights with a pistol or a thermal spear ... He was born asexual and with one eye, all black in color. And despite his physical abilities, he is the pilot of the band and he is talented ;) !

He is a criminal who grew up in the lowlands but with a good background depending on the circumstances, he did not hesitate to infiltrate a submarine of 40 pirates of the Red League when they captured his friend and brother of heart; Nodar. They stole the small shuttle that was part of the submarine and Cyclope trafficked the torpedoes of the pirates, which scratched them off the map when they tried to shoot down the duo ...

But that's not all, he has a Polaris power, he just discovered it and does not control it, he can manipulate the molecules of what surrounds him, whether living beings or inanimate objects, he almost did erased Nodar's existence, unconsciously.