Work in Progress

Work In Progress / 18 March 2020

I don't post much art these days so I wanted to share a mix of some of the personal and professional works I'm working on. I'll finish all of them in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for the final versions and more unreleased works.  

Portrait Illustration Training + Fan Art of Assajj Ventress (STAR WARS)

General / 17 February 2020
Hey everyone! 

Thinking about opening up Portrait Commissions again very soon. So I'm training, and trying to be more effective, I'm planing to do my recent D&D party and I'm starting with Purre, the Tabaxi Rogue/Assassin of the group. Portrait done in photoshop in 2h.  

Process GIF for Purre: 

Bonus fanart of a sexy Assaj Ventress from Star Wars done yesterday because I was thinking about the Star Wars Clone Wars final season happening soon :) ! 

I hope you like them both :) !

Figure Studies

General / 11 January 2020


I hope you had great end of the year celebrations and I wish you a happy new year.

In the last two years, I neglected my practice of anatomy, and studies in general, I'm always in awe when an artist masters the human body to create great character designs like , ,  ,  or 
In order to reach their level one day, I need to get back to the fundamentals so let's start ;)

I did a few with a mix of lineart and 2 values and the others directly by painting them. Here are few of my dailies (random poses from quickposes and pinterest, the first picture is based on photographies by Amel Kovich):

I'll also need to practice males and different body types. See you later with an another batch.

Day #11

General / 15 December 2019
A very quick study from this weekend, Tried to play with colors, textures and staying loose since it is just a study.

Original photography:
See you later :) 

Day #8#9#10

General / 13 December 2019
Hey! As I said yesterday, I am still doing the daily studies between commission works and trying to keep up with the crew John J. Park Pierre Lazarevic Florent Lebrun Timothy Rodriguez and Paul Chadeisson.First, a sneak peek of the current illustration inspired by the red dress study (third picture), because it isn't finished yet.

Second, a quick study from this morning, Arwen from the Lord of the Rings movies.

And finally, the quick study from wednesday that started the illustration (first picture). The original picture;  

I hope you enjoy :) !

Day #8

General / 10 December 2019
Day #8

A quick one I started at midnight before going to bed because I liked the original picture and I didn't do one sunday, I tried with an another mood as well just like last one. Trying to be more textured and loose, I hope you like it! 

Original picture

As always, check out Paul Chadeisson Timothy Rodriguez Florent Lebrun Pierre Lazarevic John J. Park sketches :) !

Day #7

General / 09 December 2019

Day #7

Didn't have time for a study yesterday but here's today's :) I tried to change the lighting a bit and adding snow. I'm still not entirely satisfied with this study, I want to be more loose and textured, I'll have a look at Lixin Yin and Craig Mullins' works for that feel :)
Also 2h for a study like this is a bit much, I need to simplify even more. Also I never do environments but it is fun. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Original ref:…/0d/4eed0db62c38b064442767bae64845f5.…

The crew is killing it, be sure to check their sketches as well!
John J. Park Timothy Rodriguez Florent Lebrun Paul Chadeisson Pierre Lazarevic Eytan Zana

Day #6

General / 08 December 2019

Day #6

Yesterday's study, a screencap from the movie "Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald". I really liked the mood and colors in the original. I focused on textures, colors and values, the face is a bit off but it's just a study so that's ok I guess :) .

Original screencap:…/…/2018/09/nagini_-1-1600x800.jpg

I'll post today study this evening if I have the time ;)

Trying to keep up with the amazing crew: John J. Park , Paul Chadeisson, Timothy Rodriguez, Florent Lebrun and Pierre Lazarevic

See you later ;) !

Day #5

General / 06 December 2019
Day #5 

A boat this time and water is tough but fun to do, I hope you enjoy.

The reference:

Day #4

General / 05 December 2019

Daily Study #4

Still doing those dailies inspired by Paul Chadeisson, Timothy Rodriguez, Florent Lebrun, Pierre Lazarevic and John J. Park.

I really liked the original photography and I wanted to give a try at something more suggested and textured. Here's the original photography.

I hope you enjoy that one as well!